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50 Cent e lo stop all’incrocio

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Ebbene si.

50 Cent, un rappero America residente a New York, USA, e’ stato fermato dalla polizia. E chi zacco se ne frega?

L’articolo sta a pagina 3 del Daily News:

“Gangster rapper 50 Cent was so anxious to take his new Lamborgini for a spin around Manhattan yesterday that he allegedly failed to pack a few key itimes: a license plate, driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration.
“The heavily muscled former crack cocaine dealer also failed to put on his blinker while changing lanes in the $300,000 sports car–leading cops following him in an unmarked car to pull him over about 2 p.m.
Within minutes, a curious crowd of mostly young women gathered on the sidewalk at W. 34th St. and Eighth Ave.
‘We love you, 50 Cent!’ a woman squealed as the superstar rapper, wearing a large, white T-shirt and black White Sox cap, chatted on his cell phone and answered cops’ questions.
After the G-Unit leader could produce only an expired learners’ permit, the cops pulled open the driver’s side door and he stepped out of the silver sports car, flashing a smile.
‘What’s up people?’ he asked the fawning crowd.
50 Cent, or Fitty, appeared calm, but was clearly unhappy when cops slapped handcuffs around his wrists, drawing boos from several onlookers.”

fine dell’articolo.

Mi chiedo, come puo’ un rappero del Bronx, tra l’altro ex-spacciatore, fare le prime pagine di un giornale newyorkino tra i primi 10 piu’ letti negli Stati Uniti.

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