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The laughing tiger

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Nel libro “The dead zone” del grande Stephen King, il capitolo che precede l’epilogo della storia contiene strane analogie con la nostra attualità politica ed in particolare con un personaggio politico dei nostri giorni. Ho controllato la data di stampa: 1979, no, il vecchio Stephen non può essersi ispirato a Lui…..
Forse allora è Lui che si è ispirato a Stillson…

Approfittando dello spazio gentilmente messomi a disposizione, riporto alcuni stralci del capitolo in questione, invitando ogni lettore a ravvisare, laddove si pensi ci sia, qualche somiglianza con le nostre vicende politiche quotidiane. Agli amanti della lingua di Shakespeare che avranno la curiosità e la pazienza di leggere di seguito, ricordo che ovviamente ognuno potrà vederci o non vederci quello che vuole, a garanzia della più totale libertà di pensiero…

La scena è la seguente: Roger, Herman ed il loro amico Johnny, uscito da poco tempo da anni di coma acquisendo delle facoltà paranormali, assistono in TV al discorso di uno dei candidati per la Casa Bianca, Gregory Stillson, tenuto in occasione di una manifestazione sportiva.


[….] “You saw him”, Roger said, gesturing at the TV set. “The man is a clown. He goes charging around the speaking platform like that at every rally. Throws his helmet into the crowds – I’d guess he’s gone though a hundred of them by now – and gives out hot dogs. He’s a clown, so what? Maybe people need a little comic relief from time to time. We’re running out of oil, the inflation is slowly but surely getting out of control, the average guy’s tax load has never been heavier, and we’re apparently getting ready to elect a fuzzy-minded Georgia cracked president of the United States”.

[….] Stillson was wearing faded jeans and a two pocket Army fadigue shirt with the words “Give peace a chance” embroidered on one pocket and “Mom’s apple pie” on the other. There was a hi-impact construction worker’s helmet cocked at an arrogant, rakish angle on his head, and plastered to the front of it was a green American ecology sticker. Beside him was a stainless steel cart of some kind. From the twin loudspeakers came the sound of John Denver singing “Thank God I’m a country boy”[……….] Herman said: “ The wild card is Gregory Ammas Stillson, 43, ex-salesman…….., ex-house painter and one-time rainmaker.
– “Rainmaker???”
-“ Oh, that’s one of his planks, if he’s elected we’ll have rain whenever we need it.” [……….]

“What are we gonna do in Washington? Why do we want to go to Washington? Stillson roared.
What’s our platform? Got five boards, my friends ‘n neighbors, five old boards! And what are they? I’ll tell you up front!

“First board: Trow the bums out!”
A tremendous roar of approval ripped out of the crowd. [……….]
“ You wanna know why I’m wearin’ this helmet, friends ‘n neighbors? I’ll tell you why. I’m wearing it because when you send me up to Washington, I’m gonna go through ‘em like you- know- what through a canebrake! Gonna go through ‘em just like this!” [……….]

“ Second board! We’re gonna throw out anyone in the government, from the highest to the lowest, who’s spending time in bed with some gal who ain’t his wife! If they wanna sleep around, they ain’t gonna do in the public tit!” [……….]

Third board! We’re gonna send all the pollution right into outer space! Gonna put it in Hefty bags! Gonna put it in Glad bags! Gonna send it to Mars, to Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn! We’re gonna have clean air and we’re gonna have clean water and we’re gonna have it in six months!” [……….]

Fourth board! We’re gonna have all the gas and oil we need! We’re gonna stop playing games with these Ayrabs and get down to brass tacks! Ain’t gonna be no old people in New Hampshire turned into Popsicles this coming winter like there was last winter!” [……….]
“We got the muscles, friends ‘n neighbors, we can do it! Anybody out there think we can’t do it?”
“NO!” the crowd bellowed back.

Last board! [……….] “Hot dogs!” [……….]Hot dogs for every man, woman and child in America! And when you put Gregory Stillson in the House of Representatives, you gonna say HOT DOG! Someone gives a rip at last!

“I just can’t believe that,” Johnny said. “That guy’s really a candidate? It’s not a joke?


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